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Faith Beyond Limits with Dr. Phil Phillips

Oct 16, 2020

Mike Haley
Esther Lully
In this episode, Dr. Phil is joined by two amazing guests, Mike Haley and Esther Lully to discuss the proven factors of success. We examine how to overcome barriers in order to achieve success. The importance of personal development which leads to professional development....

Oct 9, 2020

Rebecca Merzius

Join Dr. Phil and his guest, Rebecca Merzius as they unpack the story of Joshua and his ability to become a transformational leader who took Israel into the promised land. This episode helps you understand the key factors that can create a growth path for you as you seek to overcome...

Oct 2, 2020

Guest: Esther Lully
In this episode, Dr. Phil and his guest Esther Lully explain the importance of having a clear vision and the significance of effective leadership. This story shows how God always used a man or woman to accomplish great things. This episode examines the seven key elements it takes to...

Aug 28, 2020

This episode brings to our attention how past scars from life’s most difficult moments can become attached to our identity and affect how we relate to ourselves and others. This teaching a step by step guide to shake yourself free from these friends while using them to propel you to even greater heights.

Aug 21, 2020

In this teaching, Dr. Phil and his guest, bishop Kelvin McCree break down how we carry our emotions to every area of our lives including relationships, the job and beyond.